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The 12 Saves of Christmas

healthyguys 7 months ago

Along with good cheer, the holidays bring so many expenses – Christmas gifts, parties, decora- tions, groceries and for some, travel. With household budgets squeezed, many families are worried about covering the cost of Christmas. This year set a holiday budget and savings goal and get started saving for Christmas as early as possible. The earlier you start, the bigger your Christmas nest egg. By paying upfront, instead of using credit cards, you avoid that post-holiday debt hangover. With a little planning it is possible to cut the expense without cutting out the fun so your family can have a festive and frugal Christmas. These 12 “saves” of Christmas can help you save for the holidays and avoid holiday debt.

  1. Set a limit on spending. Create a budget. Use a journal to keep track of your spending.
  2. Avoid debt by saving in advance for the holidays. $20 a week means over $1,000 by Christmas.
  3. Make a list and check it twice! This will help stop impulse spending.
  4. Deck the halls with boughs of holly…or cedar, or pine…literally. Smells great too!
  5. Turkey dinner potluck. Host cooks the turkey…everyone else brings a side.
  6. A family gift exchange.Secret Santa works at the o ce so why not at home?
  7. Homemade gifts are still a great giving idea. Try cookies or jams or homemade ornaments.
  8. Make your own wine. At approximately $3 a bottle this will save you a bundle.
  9. Start your holiday shopping in advance and take advantage of sales.
  10. Make a coupon book and offer up services like cooking or cleaning or a romantic massage.
  11. Make your own tree decorations. Save money and create lasting family memories!
  12. Create budget friendly family traditions! Try carolling, or a night walk to check out the lights.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of spending during the holidays. Malls and marketing are experts at getting you to open your wallet and spend in the spirit of Christmas. With a plan in place and tips on how to stretch your Christmas dollar, you don’t have to fear your credit card statements come January. A sensible spending plan, a focus on family, and cheaper entertainment put you rmly in the driver’s seat of your own sleigh this Christmas.

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