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A Course in Miracles on Peace & Happiness

healthyguys 7 months ago

So … you want peace and happiness, do you? Not so fast! Try cultivating any one of the following character- istics from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teachings and your peace and happiness will grow.

  1. Trust: Those who are peaceful and happy have learned that life is for their own best interest. The trustworthy have learned that life does not happen to them, but life happens for them. It is this foundational characteristic that all the following are built upon.
  2. Honesty: The truly honest know no contradictions. The honest say what they think and do, and think and do what they say. Most importantly, at no level are the honest in con ict with themselves.
  3. Tolerance: Peaceful and happy people do not judge. To judge is to assume a position you do not have. Judgement implies a lack of trust, and trust is the foundation of peace and happiness.
  4. Gentleness: Those who are peaceful and happy can neither harm nor be harmed, for harm is the result of judgement. The peaceful and happy realize their strength lies in their gentleness, just as anger takes it away.
  5. Joy: Joy is a natural outcome of gentle- ness. The peaceful and happy are full of joy because joy is their song of gratitude.
  6. Defenselessness: We get angry when (1) we think we have been attacked; (2) we believe our attack is justi ed in return; and (3) we think we are not responsible for our actions (i.e., he / she made me do it!). The defenseless know that their safety is in letting go of their defenses.
  7. Generosity: The peaceful and happy know that the only thing worth culti- vating and acquiring is love. The peaceful and happy know, too, that the only thing one wants to do with love, once they have it, is to give it away. The peaceful and happy also know that the only way to keep something is actually to give it away.
  8. Patience: With trust as their founda- tion, the peaceful and happy can be patient. He or she knows that all is unfolding in divine order and that they need do nothing but allow life to unfold.
  9. Faithfulness: If you want peace and happiness, you must be faithful to that mission. Your trust in life, honesty with yourself, tolerance and gentleness born out of joy, defenselessness, generosity, and patience gives you the strength to remain true to peace and happiness.
  10. Open-mindedness: Closely connected with non-judgement is open-mindedness. The Buddhists refer to this as “beginner’s mind.” The beginner knows it learns most quickly if can admit it does not know and, therefore, is open to learning.

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